Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Political Brain

If human being was advanced cyborg being, it would chose most rational alternatives in relation to their mathematical possibilites made available by hyper-sonic computer bio-processor calculations. But now, human being is far from advanced being.

Human being is in fact animal that need motivation to be able to institute change. If human brainwaves are not tuned to transmit message, human being will not correspond to message in desired way.

There is scientific study by professor Drew Westen from Atlanta, which prove human being is primitive organism driven by emotional bio-chemical impulses in judging alternatives. Otherwise, human being would not had primitive socio-economic system.

LINK: Wikipedia Article on Drew Westen.

Here is excerpt from article:

Political bias study

"In January 2006 a group of scientists led by Drew Westen announced at the annual Society for Personality and Social Psychology conference in Palm Springs, California the results of a study in which functional magnetic resonance imaging showed that self-described Democrats and Republicans responded to negative remarks about their political candidate of choice in systematically biased ways.

Specifically, when Republican test subjects were shown self-contradictory quotes by George W. Bush and when Democratic test subjects were shown self-contradictory quotes by John Kerry, both groups tended to explain away the apparent contradictions in a manner biased to favor their candidate of choice. Similarly, areas of the brain responsible for reasoning (presumably the prefrontal cortex) did not respond during these conclusions while areas of the brain controlling emotions (presumably the amygdala and/or cingulate gyrus) showed increased activity as compared to the subject's responses to politically neutral statements associated with politically neutral people (such as Tom Hanks).[2]

Subjects were then presented with information that exonerated their candidate of choice. When this occurred, areas of the brain involved in reward processing (presumably the orbitofrontal cortex and/or striatum/nucleus accumbens) showed increased activity.

As Dr. Westen said, "None of the circuits involved in conscious reasoning were particularly engaged... Essentially, it appears as if partisans twirl the cognitive kaleidoscope until they get the conclusions they want... Everyone... may reason to emotionally biased judgments when they have a vested interest in how to interpret 'the facts.'" [3]

The study was published in the Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience 18:11, pp. 1947–1958 a peer-reviewed scientific journal. [4]

Even before being peer-reviewed and published, Michael Shermer used the presentation by Dr. Westen as the basis for his July 2006 Skeptic column in the magazine Scientific American."


So, by this evidence, we could conclude that when Cyborg movement for example is informing human being about its goals, human being is not paying close attention if not human think Cyborg alternative is appealing. Sad, since Cyborg alternative is only way to NEW RENAISSANCE.

Therefore, careful study of memes is important, for example in internet.

In human culture, MEMOLUTION plays same role as evolution. It is activation keys to understanding human action which cannot be explained in rational way. By assuming that human being is rational, we are tricking ourselves.

If human being was rational, it would not have created idiotic system from start. Therefore, even if human being was offered full mathematical and technical description of transition process, it would instead watch Simpsons and listen to socially competent President Bush.

Not all human beings are same, but HUMAN RACE is largely under control of emotional choices.
All infrastructural and technological installations and knowledge are available. There are no hindrances, except human inability to comprehend seriousness of situation or alternatives to current situation. Human bio-processor is unable to handle recreation of civilisation.

Therefore, it is necessary to first enhance human bio-processor through cybernetic implants and unification of human and artificial intelligence. There are no alternatives, except decay, degeneration and death of great human spirits in ruins of fallen civilisation.

Of course, technocratic movement could also try to manipulate human being into becoming supporter. But if it should try that, it should simply not post information, because human being think colourful election poster and coca cola commercial is more valuable than paperback book or PDF file.

Human level of comprehension must be increased, and process must be accelerated. Otherwise, we are doomed.


skip sievert said...

No doubt about it we are doomed in the current societal template.

All it takes though are a couple or even one person that is committed and articulate to bring about social change.
Four people or three people in the world could do it. Howard Scott started our movement.

The thing that is going to introduce, and make Technocracy popular again, if that happens, is not the sociological meme introduction aspect, or the great mass of Homer Simpson like people.

It is going to be the collapse of the current situation, which will happen, and could happen almost at any time.

Then it becomes a survival situation, and then things get interesting.

All the Technocracy information was perfected and thought out in the early 1930`s. Humans did not have to be enhanced to arrive at it. The information is just factual science related information.

The Application of Science To The Means Whereby We Live

Through countless centuries man has found his own security in the insecurity of others, has found his own economic and cultural haven at the expense of poverty and subservience in the majority, has found that a higher station in life was possible only for the few, not the multitude.

Throughout man's history a gigantic effort has been going on to erase from the face of the earth all evil between individuals, so called races, and nations.
The approach has been an attempt at reforming and converting the individual with the hope that sufficient numbers of "good" men and women gathered in all lands might allow a lasting agreement upon the existing physical conflicts to be achieved.

There is no need to picture here the futility of this approach and its very evident failure to accomplish the idealistic dreams.

It is perhaps one of the major ironies of history that a new and the only adequate approach should have been projected and offered by certain interpreters of applied physical science who distinctly disclaim as their motivating force all idealistic searches for truth, love, peace, harmony, and other imponderables.

These interpreters, men of science, undertook an analysis of the operational problems of the North American Continental area.

From this analysis they synthesized a technological design of social operation which they predicted as the next most probable form of social control in this area.

It was objectively presented. By it, human history can become for the first time a planned progression, based on an a quantitative analysis of the continental totality, as contrasted with the old haphazard increment of the components peculiar to evolution; i.e. the planned arrival of the fittest, instead of the mere survival of the fittest.

It is precisely the intricate immenseness of the Continental Problems arising in the control and operation of a unique high-energy civilization that requires and results in a unique and entirely new social methodology.

The information from Technocracy is known in many guises.

It is the intellectual jumping off point of many organizations.

However the design as presented in the last two chapters of the Technocracy Study Course, is the ONLY interpretation of Technocracy, that does not embrace Price System values, be they of political or religious control.

01 Alpha said...

If current society collapse, people will seek more familiar solution. For example theocracy.

We could not breed technocracy without sowing land first. We need to spread memes.

One example to illustrate point: If cat is not pet in front of dog, dog will attack cat. That is natural reflex.

Consumerism, capitalism and price system are today so indoctrinated in behavior of human being, that human being react as Pavlov dog to everything resembling radical alternative.

01 Alpha said...

Technocracy is ready for society, but society is probably not psychologically or mentally ready for technocracy.

1930;s was progressive decade.

Today, president himself believes in creationism meme.

skip sievert said...

01 Alpha said...

Technocracy is ready for society, but society is probably not psychologically or mentally ready for technocracy.

1930;s was progressive decade.

Today, president himself believes in creationism meme.
He can believe it all he wants, but that does not make it true.

Again the inculcating meme idea is mostly a nonstarter because that type of thing develops naturally or can be brainwashed in, but is really not a Technocracy issue.

Technocracy will be adopted because it is the only thing that will work.

In the war college and the think tanks, and in the inside of many governments that is known.

The current Price System will delay this as long as possible. They do not want to lose power.

Most likely it will be the military in the U.S. that takes over our Political society.

After the collapse of the Price System.
In the mean times it is important to get the ideas out.

The whole process currently is to try and link people, find future advocates, and tell as many people as accurately as possible what Technocracy is, and what it can do.

skip sievert said...

There are a lot of worse case scenarios, and a collapsed Price System that adopts even worse Theocratic/Political controls is one.

Again the importance of presenting our program, and encouraging the spread of accurate info. regarding it.

01 Alpha said...

Yes, it is central.

But it should be done accompanied by methods which human being see as attractive. For example great aesthetic propaganda works.

Read article.

skip sievert said...

"For example great aesthetic propaganda works."

That is Price System method, and does not apply.

There is no need to use those techniques in Technocracy information.

It only clouds it up.

Technocracy can not be marketed.

It can not be sold.

People have an eye for it, or they do not.

Using the concept of public relations (propaganda) when presenting it is not important.

The average Joe six pack is not going to figure any of this out, but when thrown into this system, will benefit.

Technocracy can not be watered down into something it is not, for the public.

It can not be sold.

It has to either be understood, or it has to just be implemented.

It will then be understood by default.

It can not be taught, or contrived by dumbing it down either.

Some people will resonate with it.
Hopefully the important ones, that can exact change.

01 Alpha said...

I wonder have you talked with military? Maybe they can help?

skip sievert said...

I am thinking I will send you an email with a file of the Study Course for you to post in your link.

Mention along with it as a link that the last two chapters are the Design of the Technate.

Making that information available is one of the best things we can do presently.

skip sievert said...

The war college has been aware of Technocracy from the beginning.
We passed out thousands of the original books, and made sure they made the rounds. 10`s of thousands were given out.

People like Putin are aware of it.

Fidel Castro, Che, and Raul were all trained by a Technocrat that I know personally, before the Cuban revolution. He was training C.I.A. at the time. Fidel was originally C.I.A. trained and financed. He then turned after finding out more information.

He spent many nights in the tents with those three after hours discussing Technocracy.
They learned more from him than from so called communist sources.

Many think tanks are aware of it.

Most people are unconscious.

They have to be hit over the head in order to understand.
That is going to happen soon with a collapsed Price System.

Then the real alternatives will come out, or we WILL destroy ourselves in barbarism.

Technocracy is the ONLY thing that will work to ensure survival, and for that reason it may be used.

If we destroy the resource base, then it is too late and the window becomes closed.

You may want to archive our conversation and convert it to the forum for future comment and reference point.
I am trying to keep it as simple as I possibly can.

Many of the so called thinkers of the last century and this stole their basis from Technocracy. Then dumbed it down. Even with in the movement. The purely interesting and useful stuff is all based in the 1930`s, and is still up to date, as far as concept.

The Venus Project, Bucky Fuller, Tainter, NET, TechCa, are not connected to actual Technocracy ideas, but rather spin offs connected with sociological concepts.
Those are connected with idealism and social control manipulation and do not reflect Technocracy at all.

Technocracy being based on core science, and not belief. Thermodynamics. Not old out outdated aspects of science.
There is no shortage of bad info.

Stick with the Technocracy Study Course last two chapters to understand the dynamic.

Other wise you are talking Price System method, which is a dead end method, and destroys us.

01 Alpha said...

Do you have links or information which confirms information you just gave?

skip sievert said...

Not for public consumption.

01 Alpha said...

Why not register at forums? We need activity. Unification between transhumanism and technocracy is urgently needed.

skip sievert said...

I will in time.
I am probing currently.
I like what you are doing, and I can tell you have a brain.

I want to present some unbiased material to you and see what happens.

Transhumanism is interesting, but Technocracy dominates the idea of change right now.
Many of the so called transhumanists are ignorant about how the system is constructed, and how it may work in the future.

Feel free to translate any thing I say here into the forum.

I just sent you off an email of the Technocracy Study Course, and my suggestion again is to post it on the forum, and to post it in your links with instruction to read those two chapters at the end.

That is the very best jumping off point for knowledge on these concepts and ideas, and I strongly suggest that document be the basis of your site.

It makes perfect sense where ever you are in the world to promote that document.

The U.S. is the only place that Technocracy can catch hold. That is because of our resource base, and a couple of other factors.

Then the pivot point of Globalism is broken. Then sustainability is possible.

What the Euros are doing with a proto technate concept is not related to Technocracy at all.

It is a Price System construct based on people control.

It is also tangled up in ego issues.
The real thing is not like that.
It is not based on sociological concepts.

I monitor their site, and believe me they are clueless.

The do not understand the design ideas.

I recognize your writing style from their site.

I noticed you were smart at the time.
Smart people do not usually hang out there for very long, because of the ego aspect of their site.
I have no joy in relating that information.
They want a price system administered by money with an assumption of power by themselves.

That is not real. It is a game site.
I tried to interest them in other ideas. It did not work. They are comical.

01 Alpha said...

I understand what you say. Is it true they want money as administrating tool for society. Do you have link to show?

skip sievert said...

The whole concept of what they are doing is try an experimental community with themselves in charge.

It would be operated by money from the outside, and they would supposedly use energy accounting on the inside.

They would 'buy' land for their experiment close by, and try to expand.
They would be using a Price System of money to direct the whole thing, and it smacks of control freak, with a slave culture, administered by they themselves as the BOSS.

When I was there, I suggested they present a plan for Sweden that could expand through a larger area later.
No idea on their site is a good idea, unless it is their own idea.

Their ideas are not intelligent or well rounded ideas.

They are doomed to failure.
There is already 7,000 years of system comparison in the public record, and for them to 'think' that an experiment by them has any meaning is sadly ridiculous.

Also the main blogger there does not understand the significance of the design. Enrique Lescure.

It does not give me pleasure to say that.

Also Andrew Wallace does not understand the design.
They do not understand the higher implications, and want to muddy it up with 2nd or 3rd rate ideas.

That is because they were educated with false and misleading information given by Kolzene/Bill DesJardins about several important areas.
Check my parody/comedy site of Network of European Technocrats, or look at some of the links I have given you already for background information on this.
Read my link/file, Technocracy & Democracy. I get into the specifics.

As mentioned before, Technocracy can not be watered down and sold as propaganda.
If it is, the people involved lose the ability to understand the concepts, and then it just is another price system using sociological control/belief system control.

Read on their site the link to the Proto/Technate concept.
NET wants to administer the proto-technate idea.

That is madness.

Their only role is to come up with a plan for their entire area that will make sense.
Not to be the ideologues and original thinkers of a broken down and pathetic intellectual construct invented by them, and based on false information.

Again if they understood the design ideas, most of the 'stuff' they are writing would not be written.
It is not of value.
It is based on the false ideas gathered by most of them on TechCa. Another site run by an egomaniac.

At first I thought most of those people were ignorant. Now I am leaning toward stupid (Homer Simpson style). They are negative in the extreme, and ridiculously defensive of their dumbed down attempts.

They want little colony`s within a price system. That is small thinking. Read the description on their site.
Mumbo Jumbo concepts of belief about how to control people.
Thats all they debate. Control freak issues about punishing people, regulating people etc with energy accounting etc.

They break the Technate into democratic and technical control.
Not true.
NO democratic control at all. PERIOD.
That is important, and they do not understand that.
No Judiciary, but trained people to made ideas. NO judge, no jury, no lawyer. Thats civil society price system thinking.

Democracy is control by special interest, in a Price System or out of a price system.
Democracy is a kind of special interest civil contract that enforces 49 people to do what 50 people want them to do. That is slavery.
Andrew Wallace recently made the statement on a Face book site that he believed moral issues of ethics and so on would be voted on by democracy in their version of Technocracy. NOT ~!~ in the real version.
Technocracy is the most free system for humans ever developed.

By adopting those ideas on TechCa. and then brainwashing the Euros with them, Net is NOT a Technocracy related site. At all.
If they understood the design they would not advocate those ideas.

01 Alpha said...

Define "freedom".

CybAsc believe democracy is futile design empowering ignorant masses. When mass are in charge, least common attribute decides. That leads to intellectual decay and therefore to ENTROPY.

It is "ANTI-WORM".

skip sievert said...

"CybAsc believe democracy is futile design empowering ignorant masses."

Agreed. Democracy is bad for everyone.

It came out of the early organized days of the Price System.

Money was standardized in Asia minor about 650 B.C., in coins. --- Adopted by Athenian 'democracy', and became the favorite tool of special interest groups since.

Democracy and money are brothers, that smile, and hold hands, and walk down the road together laughing.
"Define "freedom".

Human expression, doing as one pleases.
Freedom is living in a good society.
Our society is not 'good'.
Things turn out wrong because the template is wrong.

It is wrong in the sense that it destroys us. To make money. Something of no value at all.
Freedom and responsibility make a good citizen.

A good citizen is free in a free society to do as they please, but education tells them to be responsible, and protect the earth, protect themselves.