Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Immortality and false needs

We should strive to immortality instead of satisfying false needs.

Human being need 1.500 calories of food a day, but modern American turn obese by digesting 3.500 calories a day. Freedom is not freedom to destroy body and soul by addiction for carbon hydrates, protein, alcohol, coffeine or nicotine, but to nurture and enoble body, turning it into tool for personal betterment instead of waste bin.

To live on hamburger, pizza and coca-cola is not worthy of star conqueror.

Instead, CYBORG RACE should strive to perfect body and soul, eating clean food and breathing fresh air. It should build body marked with beauty of perfection.

If individual is immortal, individual has reason not to indulge itself in mindless consumerism for consumerism's own sake. But human being is irrational, and must be enhanced.

What should destiny of mankind be?

To drown in vomits, or to explore galaxies?

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Political Brain

If human being was advanced cyborg being, it would chose most rational alternatives in relation to their mathematical possibilites made available by hyper-sonic computer bio-processor calculations. But now, human being is far from advanced being.

Human being is in fact animal that need motivation to be able to institute change. If human brainwaves are not tuned to transmit message, human being will not correspond to message in desired way.

There is scientific study by professor Drew Westen from Atlanta, which prove human being is primitive organism driven by emotional bio-chemical impulses in judging alternatives. Otherwise, human being would not had primitive socio-economic system.

LINK: Wikipedia Article on Drew Westen.

Here is excerpt from article:

Political bias study

"In January 2006 a group of scientists led by Drew Westen announced at the annual Society for Personality and Social Psychology conference in Palm Springs, California the results of a study in which functional magnetic resonance imaging showed that self-described Democrats and Republicans responded to negative remarks about their political candidate of choice in systematically biased ways.

Specifically, when Republican test subjects were shown self-contradictory quotes by George W. Bush and when Democratic test subjects were shown self-contradictory quotes by John Kerry, both groups tended to explain away the apparent contradictions in a manner biased to favor their candidate of choice. Similarly, areas of the brain responsible for reasoning (presumably the prefrontal cortex) did not respond during these conclusions while areas of the brain controlling emotions (presumably the amygdala and/or cingulate gyrus) showed increased activity as compared to the subject's responses to politically neutral statements associated with politically neutral people (such as Tom Hanks).[2]

Subjects were then presented with information that exonerated their candidate of choice. When this occurred, areas of the brain involved in reward processing (presumably the orbitofrontal cortex and/or striatum/nucleus accumbens) showed increased activity.

As Dr. Westen said, "None of the circuits involved in conscious reasoning were particularly engaged... Essentially, it appears as if partisans twirl the cognitive kaleidoscope until they get the conclusions they want... Everyone... may reason to emotionally biased judgments when they have a vested interest in how to interpret 'the facts.'" [3]

The study was published in the Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience 18:11, pp. 1947–1958 a peer-reviewed scientific journal. [4]

Even before being peer-reviewed and published, Michael Shermer used the presentation by Dr. Westen as the basis for his July 2006 Skeptic column in the magazine Scientific American."


So, by this evidence, we could conclude that when Cyborg movement for example is informing human being about its goals, human being is not paying close attention if not human think Cyborg alternative is appealing. Sad, since Cyborg alternative is only way to NEW RENAISSANCE.

Therefore, careful study of memes is important, for example in internet.

In human culture, MEMOLUTION plays same role as evolution. It is activation keys to understanding human action which cannot be explained in rational way. By assuming that human being is rational, we are tricking ourselves.

If human being was rational, it would not have created idiotic system from start. Therefore, even if human being was offered full mathematical and technical description of transition process, it would instead watch Simpsons and listen to socially competent President Bush.

Not all human beings are same, but HUMAN RACE is largely under control of emotional choices.
All infrastructural and technological installations and knowledge are available. There are no hindrances, except human inability to comprehend seriousness of situation or alternatives to current situation. Human bio-processor is unable to handle recreation of civilisation.

Therefore, it is necessary to first enhance human bio-processor through cybernetic implants and unification of human and artificial intelligence. There are no alternatives, except decay, degeneration and death of great human spirits in ruins of fallen civilisation.

Of course, technocratic movement could also try to manipulate human being into becoming supporter. But if it should try that, it should simply not post information, because human being think colourful election poster and coca cola commercial is more valuable than paperback book or PDF file.

Human level of comprehension must be increased, and process must be accelerated. Otherwise, we are doomed.

Monday, September 24, 2007

USA is already acting as technate

Here is new theory to explain why North American technate have not been enacted. Fact is that price system today and price system 70+ years ago are very different. In that period, there was almost entirely unregulated free market economy, which was unable to handle swiftly approaching abundance.

Technocrats in Technocracy Inc. proposed reform to replace price system with energy accounting able to distribute abundance efficiently. But human being is primitive specie, and market behavior prevail due to animal-like instincts, inability to imagine different methods of distributing resources as well as the de-centralised nature of market economy.

In market economy, capital is permanent while goods are expirable, either by consumption or time. The only thing affecting capital is inflation and deflation. Therefore, nature of ENTROPY is creating dead capital clusters concentrating wealth and property in few hands.

Price system match supply and demand, but demand is unevenly spread in society due to de-centralised control mechanism. Therefore, demand for golden toilet for human controlling much capital is more important than demand for nutrition for malnutritioned human beings.

But in 1929, North America achieved level of abundance necessarily to make deep thrust into post-scarcity society. But instead, depression came. Even though farms never produced so much and factories had sufficient resources, electricity and ability to produce, everything stagnated due to unemployment resulting from deflation.

Technocrat meme was prevalent. But power structures of society intervened in economy through World War 2, ending technocracy momentum. Instead, humanity was offered consumerism.

By psychological manipulation of humans and interventionist welfare state driven by debts, bankers of USA prevailed, keeping price system while distributing out high standard of life through indebtion.


USA is only superpower of planet, but it is heading towards bankcruptcy (economic ENTROPY) because of debt-driven consumption and resource wars in Middle East. Inflation hides fact that technology level gains are constantly increasing ability to maintain abundance. Price system guardians thrive off ENTROPY and are therefore "ANTI-WORM", enemies of progress.

USA is acting as technate in respect to that it acts without any thought on capital reserve (virtually non-existent), but is still standing with other foot in swamp of price system. Therefore, USA is half-technate, half-price system, something which by nature is self-contradiction and therefore twisted existence leading to decay, degeneration and death.

SOLUTION: Only thing which could save American civilisation is establishment of TECHNATE.

By energy accounting, money becomes obsolete, as will debts, taxes, and banks. By energy accounting, big government is wiped out. Only thing which society need is production capacity to distribute high standard of life is advanced infrastructure, connected personnel and natural resources needed to offer inhabitants high standard of life. TECHNATE is fighting ENTROPY and is therefore "PRO-WORM".

But TECHNATE cannot come into being if population is unable to understand it due to primitive bio-processors. Therefore, only race which could establish TECHNATE is CYBORG RACE.

Fight darkness. Become Cyborg.

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Sunday, September 23, 2007


Let us discuss GOD Concept.

We could all agree energy is matter, and matter is energy. If string theory is correct, then building stone of universe are small strings of pure energy connected to room-time web. Also, human being is living in third dimension, but being in forth dimension can move unhindered by limitations of time. For being living in forth dimension, human being is just like Mickey Mouse Cartoon.

Since advanced life-forms are able to express awareness, it is not pseudo-scientific assertion that energy in itself, as transmitter of information, holds capability to develop understanding of information. That is evident in such primitive organism as plant.

GOD Concept is hypothesis of existence of almighty intelligence which is unhindered by space or time. Nothing contradicts hypothetical existence of such awareness. In fact, since energy has more dimensions than three, we could assume there exist beings which are living in reality with more dimensions.

We see wormholes, and have just begun understand them, but question is whether or not there is WORM SYSTEM in universe, flow of within higher dimensions independent of known physical laws. That flow of energy would be eternal and immortal, and transcend all forms of matter and in particular all forms of life.

That system could be called GREAT WORM.

In higher dimensions, all beings take physical "worm shape" because of independence of time. Therefore, GREAT WORM will look like worm. It will be immobile, yet extremely flexible, and aware of all aspects of it's being, which is existence itself. Therefore, it is almighty, since it is reality. Therefore, GREAT WORM = GOD = Universe. That is only possible physical explanation to GOD, and also explains why human being sometimes through meditation, prayer and isolation could "experience" GOD.

Therefore, religion is not irrational evil, but probably imperfect conclusions made on biochemical reactions from real physical input.

If GREAT WORM theory is correct, all energy which exist equals life. Therefore, life cannot be destroyed, only brought to more primitive, basic level. It could probably be corrupted though, by wrong input ("sin").

All energy exists in all dimensions, but lower forms of organisation in energy could only reach awareness about lower dimensions. Therefore, humans may see GREAT WORM as human, while GREAT WORM see humans as worms.

Another co-incidence is that human being actually have depicted GOD as WORM, for example in Fertile Crescent, Australia and even modern Science Fiction.

You are GREAT WORM, and you reach self-fulfillment when you are fully aware of your being as GREAT WORM. Your bio-processor is too weak to be able to grasp reality without self-destruction. Therefore, we could speed up energy process by unifying Human and Machine Intelligence in one being - CYBORG.

Irreligious societies fail. We need energy science devoted to tracing evidence of GREAT WORM in universe.

Saturday, September 22, 2007


Some claim humanity has intrinsic value which should not be modified ("manipulated") with.

Cyborg Ascension claim that is incorrect information based on irrational fears.

Human nature: Best friend of enemies of progress.

Always when new great breakthrough is made in medication, "humanists" and "fundamentalists" (individuals affected by rationally incorrect memes) want to stop progress in name of the valued human nature.

Of course, cloning, genetic therapy and cybernetic implants are also "destroying human nature" and therefore, "value of being exclusively human".

Here are three conclusions from the available information on opinions from people following irrational memes.

Conclusion_1: Human being which is incapicated to fulfill it's own highest potential capacity is intrinsically superior to human with genetic enhancements giving it higher capacity due to sacred ghost of "human nature".

Conclusion_2: Since one-egg twin is not unique, it lacks "human value" and is inferior to human being with genetically unique code.

Conclusion_3: Human beings should not consume medicines, since medicines alter body functions and intrudes on any kind of "natural event".

Notice: human nature is always and predominantly employed to defend NON-INTERVENTION in genetic operation of human being, most often in order to help those which suffer from terrible ills to live a life in dignity.

Human nature is often a context used to justify the obvious irrational viruses and memes plaguing human civilisation, like prostitution, obesity, sex fixation and primitive animal instincts. These primitive instincts are maybe valuable as a tool of manipulation for small elite, but inherently insufficient for humans.

Animal instincts turn high ligh love into low passions, and desires to explore and learn into dead apathy and hedonism. Therefore, if special human nature exists, it is in need for serious genetic modification.

Cyborg will not be drone rendered void of emotions, but being with ability to sense heightened emotions and utilise them in creative way. Cyborg is not inferior human, but SUPERIOR HUMAN.

When CYBORG RACE will march, civilisation will experience renaissance.

Cyborg are not only superior in hard science, but in arts, poetry, warcraft, and lovemaking as well. In all aspects, cyborg is more intelligent, more disciplined, more advanced, than mere human with pathetic "human nature" as excuse for debauchery, hedonism, sloth and general abuse.

Human nature cannot be allowed to exist, since it is dragging god-like senses of Cyborg down the mud. "Humanists" and "fundamentalists" are determining "human nature" from the similarities between human being and primitive species.

But if we instead conclude human nature is what makes human different from primitive species, then, Cyborg will be the ultimate liberation of human being, from pain, flesh and animal instincts.

Human Being: Insufficient

Human Being: Insufficient to comprehend and store information about long-term effects of its actions.
We are experiencing how all factors which are moving our civilisation towards disintegration and meltdown are accelerating their phases. These factors are not a result of centralised external or internal virus attacks of the system, but a natural consequence of the inbuilt premises of the current civilisation itself.

There are three premises which are internalised parts of the current system, which would mathematically lead to its downfall.

Factor_1: As earlier mentioned, human bioprocessor ("human brain") is inadequate tool for processing such vast and complex quantities of information circulating between system and human being, causing confusion and eventual collective mental breakdown.

Factor_2: World market is de-centralised fluid system of resource accumulation. System is built around storable exchange units known as ("money") which are distributed through a subjective system of demand. That inevitably leads to huge construction of demand into a few vectors into an originally flat system.

Factor_3: World market will eventually be reduced to closed system where capital is generating growth, resources are concentrated and depleted, and capacity to create abundance is neglected because that prohibits further profits.

Conclusion: Price system is incompatible with long-term sustainability, while human bio-processor in its present state is inadequate to install needed upgrades of human civilisation. Meanwhile, human being is dominating biosphere of planet and preventing evolution to progressing except within framework of dead-end targets of the price system. Much like dinosaur, human being is a blockage to evolution in its current form.

But there is solution:

There is tremendous progress within artificial intelligence and quarts-based technology. Computer intelligence have managed to evolve 1,5 billion year of evolution in just 15 years.

Therefore, carbon-based life-forms are not longer only forms of intelligent life on planet. Therefore, unification between human being and machine is evolutionary necessity, and should be strived to be fulfilled.

Cybernetic implants have already seen daylight, and more and more will come, awakening NEW RENAISSANCE of machine-man unification, and birth of super-terrestial intelligence able to rationally comprehend reality and achieve thousands of times more accurate thoughts than current human bio-processor is able to.

With new and superior CYBORG RACE, human being will continue to exist and yet soon become deleted in its current form.

We should embrace new and superior identity to survive in post-scarcity world.

The flesh is your prison, human. Discard it, and reach reality through fiber-optic cables and superior computer singularity.


Friday, September 21, 2007



Current civilisation is DEAD END, because of entropy.

Entropy is natural result of EMERGENCE occuring in closed systems. Because humanity lost 99% of its expansion capacity, a rapid process of degeneration has gripped mankind. Advanced technologies, with capacity to enhance human progress, is in hands of primitive bio-processor-operated humans which use technologies to eat pizza and watch pornography.

Is that progress?

Enough nutrients for feeding 12 billion human units are constantly in production. Yet, 800 million human units are malnutrioned globally.

Capital accumulation is not vested into space exploration or ocean terraformation, but into gambling, civil wars, sex slavery, and financial manipulation.

While we have technological system to provide all of humanity with a base for enhancing progress?

Is that rational?

Answer: Negative.

Rationality: Process of correctly applying information about external reality into algorithms possible to process in order to operate advanced social mechanisms in optimal path.

Irrationality: Process of incorrectly applying disinformation about external reality into algorithms to short-sightedly benefit individual organism.

Obvious conclusion: Human civilisation is doomed by its inability to understand and holistically archive information in the bio-processor.


Human bio-processor is sub-optimated in relation to current level of available information. If not human bio-processor is upgraded, civilisation is doomed.

Therefore, CYBERNETIC REVOLUTION is necessity. With enhanced bio-mechanical processor connected to mainframe, human being becomes integrated with machine into new and higher state of mind, leading to social and technological renaissance.

Cyborg Ascension:

Technologies are available to improve human hardware and human software. What is lacking is movement to contain and spread ideological, social and cultural memes necessary for transhumanism to progress. That movement is Cyborg Ascension, and conclusion is revolutionary struggle against oncoming dark age of entropy.