Friday, September 21, 2007



Current civilisation is DEAD END, because of entropy.

Entropy is natural result of EMERGENCE occuring in closed systems. Because humanity lost 99% of its expansion capacity, a rapid process of degeneration has gripped mankind. Advanced technologies, with capacity to enhance human progress, is in hands of primitive bio-processor-operated humans which use technologies to eat pizza and watch pornography.

Is that progress?

Enough nutrients for feeding 12 billion human units are constantly in production. Yet, 800 million human units are malnutrioned globally.

Capital accumulation is not vested into space exploration or ocean terraformation, but into gambling, civil wars, sex slavery, and financial manipulation.

While we have technological system to provide all of humanity with a base for enhancing progress?

Is that rational?

Answer: Negative.

Rationality: Process of correctly applying information about external reality into algorithms possible to process in order to operate advanced social mechanisms in optimal path.

Irrationality: Process of incorrectly applying disinformation about external reality into algorithms to short-sightedly benefit individual organism.

Obvious conclusion: Human civilisation is doomed by its inability to understand and holistically archive information in the bio-processor.


Human bio-processor is sub-optimated in relation to current level of available information. If not human bio-processor is upgraded, civilisation is doomed.

Therefore, CYBERNETIC REVOLUTION is necessity. With enhanced bio-mechanical processor connected to mainframe, human being becomes integrated with machine into new and higher state of mind, leading to social and technological renaissance.

Cyborg Ascension:

Technologies are available to improve human hardware and human software. What is lacking is movement to contain and spread ideological, social and cultural memes necessary for transhumanism to progress. That movement is Cyborg Ascension, and conclusion is revolutionary struggle against oncoming dark age of entropy.

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