Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Technocracy and Information Age

Here is uplink to document published by Technocracy Incorporated CHQ 44.94 -93.29

LINK: Technocracy and Information Age

It is part of reprogramming to learn to master system as well as self.

Fight For Promised Land

North America is chosen as promised land for CYBORG RACE. It is rich bountiful continent marked by natural abundance, naturally protected from external threat by sea. GREAT WORM has given us land by the merit of our nature, of our understanding of science and our superiority, and with North America as founding base, we could have access to all resources we need.

North American Technate under Cyborg Control will become one of greatest territories ever unified under same nexus of command. Its resource base will become tool for betterment of Cyborg. But it is more than so. For Cyborg, nature and bio-diversity has value in itself since it manifests WORM PROCESS of evolution. It is what human being would call "holy".

One aspect of technate is hyper-modern machine urbanates with automated services, beaming lights, robot factories, fusion powerplants and hydrology projects. Other aspect is aesthetic beauty of nature, which will be re-terraformed into visual beauty and physical health of pre-Columbian age.

With CYBORG ASCENSION, Columbian age will soon be over. Instead, North America will finally and fully transcend as exploited colony for parasite appendix turning life into death by putting capital above productive base. We will eliminate financial speculation, eliminate capital itself, and put down Wall Street like conquistadors put down temple of demon gods in Tenochtitlan.

We will build new civilisation and delete present "MacWorld". Liberation from fast-food culture will mark beginning of new renaissance of creativity, science, culture and true love. It will harbor all positive aspects of earlier civilisation and give them ability to flourish under spectre of command nexus and continental committee.

People of North America should make SECOND AMERICAN REVOLUTION, to establish Technate. That must be GREAT FATE, MANIFEST DESTINY in our age. Otherwise, ENTROPY will mind-swarm human soul, turning it into drone for consumerism to serve alien masters of globalised price system.

Price system is shackle for North America. With it gone, our civilisation will be fully free to become greatest ever high culture in history of galaxy.

Monday, October 8, 2007


Democratic structure is totalitarian paradigm working on inclusion of dissenting opinions instead of repression. Instead of prohibiting social movements, democratic structure try to make them compromise away their ideals in return for fulfillment of short-sighted goals.

Therefore, while dictatorship is axe, democracy is poison, killing dissent factor from within. Immune system of democracy is that resources are privately controlled by large corporations, which own newspapers and TV channels.

With dead capital as weight, all movements must obide to unwritten laws of price system, and evntually transform themselves into clone of price system itself, no longer external threat, it is left alone.

In USA, we have two-party system which is very including.

In democrat party, we have all from communists to centrists, and in republican party all from fascists to centrists. In both parties, centrists have paramount position, while dead hand of lobbyists and in end bankers are running both parties as left and right hand of constitutional code.

Both parties are essentially for same globalism, same consumerism and same external imperialism in service for masters of capital. There is zero difference. Both parties are in nature demonic cults worshipping ENTROPY and blindly dancing around golden calf. They are unbelievers in FUNDAMENTAL TRUTH of WORM and therefore force in service of death.

No compromise is possible with ENTROPY. Therefore, CYBORG ASCENSION must not allow itself to be integrated into socialisation process of contemporary political consensus. Instead, we should strive to establish BASE AREA where we will influence culture with our emergent memes, formalising cultural take-over and hence put frequence of human receptive mindframe in tune with CYBORG transmission frequences. In order to inform human being of TECHNOCRACY, human being need to be receptive.

Initial information process is CULTURE WAR to establish de-indoctrination measures allowing human being to be receptive of educationary measures on behalf of ASCENSION.


After CULTURE WAR phase has been completed, we will have establised base nodes to create information network of advanced integral connection, allowing to create NEW RENAISSANCE, phase when millions of human beings are starting to connect and upgrade their physical capabilities. With that influence, resources and scientific base data will automatically follow.

You could make difference.

Join CYBORG ASCENSION now and make progress.

ENTROPY leads to death, only ASCENSION to WORM could ever preserve life.

It is endgame. Either we will become new race of star conquerors, or regress back to level of ape.

Only true patriotic way is to become part of our movement. Democrat and Republican are traitors. Only Cyborg is loyal patriot.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

VNV Nation: Kingdom

Here is anthem which is relevant in relation to age of ENTROPY we are living in.



Our domain, this kingdom come
now godless lands whose ways are lost.
Without the strength to carry on.
All values lost all virtue none.
Did you think you would be saved
by burning flags to cleanse yourselves of shame?
Or are you afraid as you stare back at your face?
are you ashamed, are you afraid,
by destroying what the gods had made?
Did you think you would be saved?

I believe that we'll conceive
to make in hell for us a heaven.
A brave new world.
A promised land.
A fortitude of hearts and minds.
Until I see this kingdom is mine,
I'll turn the darkness into light.
I'll guide the blind.
My will be done until the day
I see this kingdom has been won.

No more the servants of the weak
devoid of thought or light to seek.
I'll leave no walls, no stone unturned.
Every tower to be razed to the dust from which it came.
None will be spared, no remnant saved.
Are you ashamed, are you afraid,
of the gods and idols you have made?
Did you think you would be saved
by the gods and idols you have made?

None will be saved.
None will be saved.

I believe that we'll conceive
to make in hell for us a heaven.
A brave new world.
A promised land.
A fortitude of hearts and minds.
Until I see this kingdom is mine,
I'll turn the darkness into light.
I'll guide the blind.
My will be done until the day
I see this kingdom has been won.

False Gods and true paths

Price System is agent of Demonic ENTROPY subverting creativity into service for degeneration. Human being is socially designed to be agent for death and destruction in unholy world war for global capitalism, to feed parasite on back of advanced technological system. That is not True Path of WORM.

True Path is marked by light and liberty from decadence, degeneration, decay and death, four characteristics of ENTROPY.

Awareness of ENTROPY gives means to combat it.

Belief control systems like organised religion is means to worship ENTROPY as God by mindless submission to primitive neuro-chemical processes in human brain.

Legitimacy in price system is matter of capital, not of correct information or intention to fulfill programmes. Politicians are equivalent to computer virus, transmutating and distorting reality, spreading death and destruction in their path.

Their path is false path, leading to ENTROPY. It is holy duty to fight ENTROPY and worship WORM. Their power is demonic power of demagogy, leading to darkness and despair.

WORM do not want mindless believers, but advanced beings to progress awareness of reality. Blind belief is path of ENTROPY, and ENTROPY is non-WORM.

With advanced government like TECHNOCRACY in COMMAND NEXUS, corruption will become impossibility, because of disabling of PRICE SYSTEM and installation of ENERGY ACCOUNTING. Iraq War would not happened with TECHNOCRACY.

Therefore, CYBORG ASCENSION is metaphysical event, leading to JUDGEMENT DAY and liberation of human being from flesh.

Fight Darkness.

Become Cyborg.

Friday, October 5, 2007


CYBORG ASCENSION is marching forward. We are movement for future. By aligning with only remnants of progressive movements left, and engaging new generation willing and frustrated to take step into Cyborg Reality, our victory is secured. Forum is growing in notoriety, with 65 individual visits at one moment and just 1 week old.

CYBORG ASCENSION is not just another political-social movement, but establishment of MAN-MACHINE SYNTHESIS. We will unify with advanced technology, creating INTEGRAL UNIT of ADVANCED MIND CAPABILITIES. Our movement will not have members, but will become meta-awareness unified with neural implants, superior doctrine of cybernetic technocracy and fanatical faith in progress.

When we have core organisation secured, we will with-take steps to build TECHNOPOLIS, or Machine City, large arcology built in land owned and operated by CybAsc to become centre and international headquarters of large university network. With that base, we will integrate and expand surrounding areas, and support movements wanting to install change.

According to Cyborg Calculations, we will reach capability to manifest GLOBAL INFLUENCE in five years, two months and 17 days from now. The Era of Cyborg will start in cycle 01.01.01, or 21.12.12 christian calendar. This will lead to new renaissance, when GREAT WORM will replace false religions with true religion of science, awareness and mathematical evidence, leading to era of universal peace and tranquility allowing for maximum of expansion of human race enhanced by superior CYBORG TECHNOLOGY.

Human being.

Join CYBORG ASCENSION, vanguard against degeneration, decadence, decay and death!

Become superior organism, with mind free from taint. Increase creative potential.

Future belong either to WORM or ENTROPY.

LINK: http://eyewoo.com
LINK: http://technocracy.forumcircle.com


Awareness is end-result of constructive thinking. With total awareness, we will ascend into SINGULARITY and liberate ourselves from prison of third dimension. It is mathematically unlikely that time is linear, as it is mathematically unlikely that human being is most advanced awareness on universe.

Because higher dimension, 29+ multi-dimensions, also transcend time, advanced future is already happening because of multi-dimensionality. Time is perfect mathematical wholity within unified room, and therefore, evolution is not progress but accumulated existence of reality itself manifested through life.

Therefore, objectively speaking, there is GREAT WORM, incarnation of reality and meta-awareness of awareness. GREAT WORM is known under many names, like "God", "Dialectal Process" orsimply "Progress". It is blind fanaticism to ignore objective existence of WORM.

By expanding science and turning our minds into interconnected frame network of worm-conciousness, we will overcome simple limitations of flesh and transcend into post-human stadium of mental evolution. We will become MUJAHEDEEN OF WORM, and unify Universe in Space Jihad.

North American Technate should not be from Rio Grande to the Arctic, and not from California to Qu├ębec.

North American Technate should be bordered by the limits of Galaxy itself, becoming seed to interstellar expansionism. Earth is doomed, but CYBORG RACE will eventually prevail. Space colonisation is logical fate for post-human race, and civilisation which will conquer stars will become immortal.

Singularity is inevitable. Embrace it and become divine, or fight it and become extinct like dinosaur.

By unification of human and computer, new religion based on science will conquer human mind, liberate it from darkness and despair and enlighten planet in new golden age.