Saturday, September 22, 2007

Human Being: Insufficient

Human Being: Insufficient to comprehend and store information about long-term effects of its actions.
We are experiencing how all factors which are moving our civilisation towards disintegration and meltdown are accelerating their phases. These factors are not a result of centralised external or internal virus attacks of the system, but a natural consequence of the inbuilt premises of the current civilisation itself.

There are three premises which are internalised parts of the current system, which would mathematically lead to its downfall.

Factor_1: As earlier mentioned, human bioprocessor ("human brain") is inadequate tool for processing such vast and complex quantities of information circulating between system and human being, causing confusion and eventual collective mental breakdown.

Factor_2: World market is de-centralised fluid system of resource accumulation. System is built around storable exchange units known as ("money") which are distributed through a subjective system of demand. That inevitably leads to huge construction of demand into a few vectors into an originally flat system.

Factor_3: World market will eventually be reduced to closed system where capital is generating growth, resources are concentrated and depleted, and capacity to create abundance is neglected because that prohibits further profits.

Conclusion: Price system is incompatible with long-term sustainability, while human bio-processor in its present state is inadequate to install needed upgrades of human civilisation. Meanwhile, human being is dominating biosphere of planet and preventing evolution to progressing except within framework of dead-end targets of the price system. Much like dinosaur, human being is a blockage to evolution in its current form.

But there is solution:

There is tremendous progress within artificial intelligence and quarts-based technology. Computer intelligence have managed to evolve 1,5 billion year of evolution in just 15 years.

Therefore, carbon-based life-forms are not longer only forms of intelligent life on planet. Therefore, unification between human being and machine is evolutionary necessity, and should be strived to be fulfilled.

Cybernetic implants have already seen daylight, and more and more will come, awakening NEW RENAISSANCE of machine-man unification, and birth of super-terrestial intelligence able to rationally comprehend reality and achieve thousands of times more accurate thoughts than current human bio-processor is able to.

With new and superior CYBORG RACE, human being will continue to exist and yet soon become deleted in its current form.

We should embrace new and superior identity to survive in post-scarcity world.

The flesh is your prison, human. Discard it, and reach reality through fiber-optic cables and superior computer singularity.


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