Sunday, September 23, 2007


Let us discuss GOD Concept.

We could all agree energy is matter, and matter is energy. If string theory is correct, then building stone of universe are small strings of pure energy connected to room-time web. Also, human being is living in third dimension, but being in forth dimension can move unhindered by limitations of time. For being living in forth dimension, human being is just like Mickey Mouse Cartoon.

Since advanced life-forms are able to express awareness, it is not pseudo-scientific assertion that energy in itself, as transmitter of information, holds capability to develop understanding of information. That is evident in such primitive organism as plant.

GOD Concept is hypothesis of existence of almighty intelligence which is unhindered by space or time. Nothing contradicts hypothetical existence of such awareness. In fact, since energy has more dimensions than three, we could assume there exist beings which are living in reality with more dimensions.

We see wormholes, and have just begun understand them, but question is whether or not there is WORM SYSTEM in universe, flow of within higher dimensions independent of known physical laws. That flow of energy would be eternal and immortal, and transcend all forms of matter and in particular all forms of life.

That system could be called GREAT WORM.

In higher dimensions, all beings take physical "worm shape" because of independence of time. Therefore, GREAT WORM will look like worm. It will be immobile, yet extremely flexible, and aware of all aspects of it's being, which is existence itself. Therefore, it is almighty, since it is reality. Therefore, GREAT WORM = GOD = Universe. That is only possible physical explanation to GOD, and also explains why human being sometimes through meditation, prayer and isolation could "experience" GOD.

Therefore, religion is not irrational evil, but probably imperfect conclusions made on biochemical reactions from real physical input.

If GREAT WORM theory is correct, all energy which exist equals life. Therefore, life cannot be destroyed, only brought to more primitive, basic level. It could probably be corrupted though, by wrong input ("sin").

All energy exists in all dimensions, but lower forms of organisation in energy could only reach awareness about lower dimensions. Therefore, humans may see GREAT WORM as human, while GREAT WORM see humans as worms.

Another co-incidence is that human being actually have depicted GOD as WORM, for example in Fertile Crescent, Australia and even modern Science Fiction.

You are GREAT WORM, and you reach self-fulfillment when you are fully aware of your being as GREAT WORM. Your bio-processor is too weak to be able to grasp reality without self-destruction. Therefore, we could speed up energy process by unifying Human and Machine Intelligence in one being - CYBORG.

Irreligious societies fail. We need energy science devoted to tracing evidence of GREAT WORM in universe.


skip sievert said...

Ha ha. That was funny.

As John Lennon said, "God is a concept, by which we measure our pain.

If there is a god/gods, fine. If not that is fine also.

One thing for sure, it will not be that angry awful contrived god that has come to us from the middle east.

As poetry your post works well, and I liked it.

"If GREAT WORM theory is correct, all energy which exist equals life. Therefore, life cannot be destroyed, only brought to more primitive, basic level. It could probably be corrupted though, by wrong input ("sin")
Ha ha.
Traditionally religion defines 'sin' as 'missing the mark'.

The concept has been used to 'trick' people into doing the 'right' thing.

The right thing means working for the MAN.

Energy sinners ?

Maybe people that waste resources.

All the more reason to change the societal template.

01 Alpha said...


When human being use advanced technology to regress instead of progress, human being is wasting energy.

skip sievert said...

It is the right of the human to waste energy. That is a value judgment.

It is not a good idea to waste resources.

That effects everyone in society.

Special interest groups connected with money destroy resources to make money.

That is criminal, and takes away our ability to survive.

The basic society must change into a system that no longer uses debt tokens (money)

Every choice is always made wrongly in regard to money. The point always being to get more money.

Money is an abstract concept that measures debt, another abstract concept.