Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Immortality and false needs

We should strive to immortality instead of satisfying false needs.

Human being need 1.500 calories of food a day, but modern American turn obese by digesting 3.500 calories a day. Freedom is not freedom to destroy body and soul by addiction for carbon hydrates, protein, alcohol, coffeine or nicotine, but to nurture and enoble body, turning it into tool for personal betterment instead of waste bin.

To live on hamburger, pizza and coca-cola is not worthy of star conqueror.

Instead, CYBORG RACE should strive to perfect body and soul, eating clean food and breathing fresh air. It should build body marked with beauty of perfection.

If individual is immortal, individual has reason not to indulge itself in mindless consumerism for consumerism's own sake. But human being is irrational, and must be enhanced.

What should destiny of mankind be?

To drown in vomits, or to explore galaxies?


skip sievert said...

A humming bird burns 10,000 cal. a day.
Calories measure data.
Calories have no 'value'.

A human needs 2,000 cal. a day. At 1500 they will starve after a while.

Technocracy is not concerned with people control.

The oracle temple at Delphi in Greece said two things.

Nothing too much, and,
Know thy self as a human being and not as a god.

In other words two things that people have a hard time dealing with.

A good society would encourage people to be moderate, that would be part of education.

This society encourages people to consume more and more and more.

That is all that is cared about.

So... We do not have a good society, but can have one.

01 Alpha said...

Humming bird needs to eat lot as well.

Yes, human being should be moderate in taking care of body, but expansionist in science.

skip sievert said...

We are expansionist in science.

Our window of opportunity to create a good society is still open.

Human can, or could be moderate.

Not should.

Human enhanced or other, has to figure things out for themselves individually.

One size does not fit all.

Thats the beauty of it.

People reveal themselves by their thoughts and actions.