Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Fight For Promised Land

North America is chosen as promised land for CYBORG RACE. It is rich bountiful continent marked by natural abundance, naturally protected from external threat by sea. GREAT WORM has given us land by the merit of our nature, of our understanding of science and our superiority, and with North America as founding base, we could have access to all resources we need.

North American Technate under Cyborg Control will become one of greatest territories ever unified under same nexus of command. Its resource base will become tool for betterment of Cyborg. But it is more than so. For Cyborg, nature and bio-diversity has value in itself since it manifests WORM PROCESS of evolution. It is what human being would call "holy".

One aspect of technate is hyper-modern machine urbanates with automated services, beaming lights, robot factories, fusion powerplants and hydrology projects. Other aspect is aesthetic beauty of nature, which will be re-terraformed into visual beauty and physical health of pre-Columbian age.

With CYBORG ASCENSION, Columbian age will soon be over. Instead, North America will finally and fully transcend as exploited colony for parasite appendix turning life into death by putting capital above productive base. We will eliminate financial speculation, eliminate capital itself, and put down Wall Street like conquistadors put down temple of demon gods in Tenochtitlan.

We will build new civilisation and delete present "MacWorld". Liberation from fast-food culture will mark beginning of new renaissance of creativity, science, culture and true love. It will harbor all positive aspects of earlier civilisation and give them ability to flourish under spectre of command nexus and continental committee.

People of North America should make SECOND AMERICAN REVOLUTION, to establish Technate. That must be GREAT FATE, MANIFEST DESTINY in our age. Otherwise, ENTROPY will mind-swarm human soul, turning it into drone for consumerism to serve alien masters of globalised price system.

Price system is shackle for North America. With it gone, our civilisation will be fully free to become greatest ever high culture in history of galaxy.


skip sievert said...

Technocracy defined :

The root of the word Technocracy and its meaning come from the word technique .
The root of this word is the Greek, techne ("art","craft", or "skill"), which linguists have further traced to the Indo-European root, teks - (to weave, or fabricate ).

From the earliest times, technique has been distinguished from other modes of human action by its purposive, rational, step-by-step way of doing things.
In the case of Technocracy, this means administration by science or fact, within the context of the program developed by the Technical Alliance.

How positions are filled in a Technocratic system :
- Positions are filled based on the proven method of nomination from below and appointment from above. For example, if a position were vacated for whatever reason, then the people immediately below that position would nominate candidates from among their ranks for the position.
Then, the managers from the rank above the position would choose from those candidates the person most qualified for the job.
This is the method that is most often used in the technical portions of present organizations, and is based on competence.
- Competence of the person is determined by the consistent operation of the technology involved.
If such machinery should fail to operate within acceptable parameters, then the person responsible would be quickly removed and replaced with someone who could perform the job adequately.

The only exception to this is the position of Continental Director, only because there is no one higher.
This position is selected from the members of the Continental Board of Directors by the Continental Board of Directors, for it is they who best know who among them is most capable of handling the job.

Technocracy Study Course, for more information, the last two chapters of which outline the Technate design.

skip sievert said...

What are some conclusions of Technocracy?

Here are three basic conclusions.

The first is that there exists on the North American Continent a physical potential in resources to produce a high standard of goods and services for all citizens, and that the high-speed technology for converting these resources to use-forms in sufficient volume is already installed, and that the skilled personnel for operating it are present and available.
Yet we have unprecedented insecurity, extensive poverty and rampant crime.

A second conclusion of Technocracy is that the Price System can no longer function adequately as a method of production and distribution of goods.
The invention of power machinery has made it possible to produce a plethora of goods with a relatively small amount of human labor.
As machines displace men and women, however, purchasing power is destroyed, for if people cannot work for wages and salaries, they cannot buy goods.

We find ourselves, then, in this paradoxical situation: the more we produce, the less we are able to consume.

Another basic conclusion is that a new distributive system must be instituted that is designed to satisfy the special needs of an environment of technological adequacy, and that this system must not in any way be associated with the extent of an individuals functional contribution to society.
Why ?
Because if it is, it is another form of Price System, the system that we have now, and would thus result in a society based on coercion and not creative thought.

01 Alpha said...

Read book "IQ and wealth of nations". Some sub-groups of people might have it easier to administrate high-technology civilisation.

skip sievert said...

I.Q. is not a factor.

Within every subgroup there is radical differences in intelligence.

Most majority groups 'think' they are smart because they have lots of resources.

The reality is different.
Most majority groups act stupidly because of a false value they give themselves.

All humans are from Africa. There are a variety of mutations. None is better or worse. Each has different aspects, and those aspects taken together make a creative and interesting society.

There are a variety of types of intelligence from beating a drum to scaling a mountain, to operating a plane.
All are important. None is superior.
Africa is the original breeding stock of the human.
Genetic differences within Africa between Africans is more significant than among other groups on earth.
Africa is the mother country.
Africans, Asians etc. are all humans.
No human is better than any other human.
Only the human race exists.
That is the scientific reality.