Friday, October 5, 2007


Awareness is end-result of constructive thinking. With total awareness, we will ascend into SINGULARITY and liberate ourselves from prison of third dimension. It is mathematically unlikely that time is linear, as it is mathematically unlikely that human being is most advanced awareness on universe.

Because higher dimension, 29+ multi-dimensions, also transcend time, advanced future is already happening because of multi-dimensionality. Time is perfect mathematical wholity within unified room, and therefore, evolution is not progress but accumulated existence of reality itself manifested through life.

Therefore, objectively speaking, there is GREAT WORM, incarnation of reality and meta-awareness of awareness. GREAT WORM is known under many names, like "God", "Dialectal Process" orsimply "Progress". It is blind fanaticism to ignore objective existence of WORM.

By expanding science and turning our minds into interconnected frame network of worm-conciousness, we will overcome simple limitations of flesh and transcend into post-human stadium of mental evolution. We will become MUJAHEDEEN OF WORM, and unify Universe in Space Jihad.

North American Technate should not be from Rio Grande to the Arctic, and not from California to Qu├ębec.

North American Technate should be bordered by the limits of Galaxy itself, becoming seed to interstellar expansionism. Earth is doomed, but CYBORG RACE will eventually prevail. Space colonisation is logical fate for post-human race, and civilisation which will conquer stars will become immortal.

Singularity is inevitable. Embrace it and become divine, or fight it and become extinct like dinosaur.

By unification of human and computer, new religion based on science will conquer human mind, liberate it from darkness and despair and enlighten planet in new golden age.

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skip sievert said...

We very much need a new golden age.

We also have the capability of having one, and in fact, it would be the first golden age of science, and stripped of the control mechanisms that humans have been inculcated with.
The remnants of Politically controlled belief system oriented culture now insure our destruction, if we continue with them.

A North American technate is possible NOW. It has to start somewhere, and that land area is the logical, and actually the only area now presently, where it WILL work without the discovery of new technology.

A future in space exploration and travel sounds good.
In the here and know though, some practical issues are important.
Protecting the resource base is of number one importance.
Unfortunately a cataclysm approaches because of the stressed resource base.
That problem is getting worse.

A North American Technate does 'force' the rest of the world into some form of sustainability, and it would be a start for a new world culture.
With extreme over population presently genuine chaos looms in the future, in the short term, using Price System methods, which no longer work, and no longer have any 'value' but are still operating, we are going into a time of big trouble.

It is time to encourage every one to investigate Technocracy. Educate themselves as to it. Bring attention to it. We have the potential to become a social movement that has great strength.

It is the ONLY system that WILL get us of the present uncontrollable destructive merry go round.