Sunday, October 7, 2007

False Gods and true paths

Price System is agent of Demonic ENTROPY subverting creativity into service for degeneration. Human being is socially designed to be agent for death and destruction in unholy world war for global capitalism, to feed parasite on back of advanced technological system. That is not True Path of WORM.

True Path is marked by light and liberty from decadence, degeneration, decay and death, four characteristics of ENTROPY.

Awareness of ENTROPY gives means to combat it.

Belief control systems like organised religion is means to worship ENTROPY as God by mindless submission to primitive neuro-chemical processes in human brain.

Legitimacy in price system is matter of capital, not of correct information or intention to fulfill programmes. Politicians are equivalent to computer virus, transmutating and distorting reality, spreading death and destruction in their path.

Their path is false path, leading to ENTROPY. It is holy duty to fight ENTROPY and worship WORM. Their power is demonic power of demagogy, leading to darkness and despair.

WORM do not want mindless believers, but advanced beings to progress awareness of reality. Blind belief is path of ENTROPY, and ENTROPY is non-WORM.

With advanced government like TECHNOCRACY in COMMAND NEXUS, corruption will become impossibility, because of disabling of PRICE SYSTEM and installation of ENERGY ACCOUNTING. Iraq War would not happened with TECHNOCRACY.

Therefore, CYBORG ASCENSION is metaphysical event, leading to JUDGEMENT DAY and liberation of human being from flesh.

Fight Darkness.

Become Cyborg.


skip sievert said...

That was a nicely done piece of writing that also puts things into reference points in allegorical terms.

01 Alpha said...

First picture is Ahriman, or ancient (Pre-Islam) Iranian name of ENTROPY.

Entropy is inevitable result of uncontrolled rule of lower instincts. It is what destroys life, and eventually lead to rule of anti-matter, or demonic forces.

skip sievert said...

Well, yes it is possible to assign poetic concepts to matters of science, and sometimes that is fun.

In a realistic way, what we are doing as a culture now spells DEATH.

There is no doubt about that.

01 Alpha said...

Death is last of four D.


Total name of process: ENTROPY.

01 Alpha said...

I Recommend movie "A Scanner Darkly" with Keanu Reeves. It is based on novel by Philip K. Dick.

skip sievert said...


I suggest the old series made by the BBC in the late 1960`s called, The Prisoner.

It is a fantasy science fiction drama.

01 Alpha said...

I know, you use it as avatar on website of Technocracy Inc. CHQ 44.94 -93.29

skip sievert said...

This is true.
Glad you appreciated that fact.
It is a classic.