Monday, October 8, 2007


Democratic structure is totalitarian paradigm working on inclusion of dissenting opinions instead of repression. Instead of prohibiting social movements, democratic structure try to make them compromise away their ideals in return for fulfillment of short-sighted goals.

Therefore, while dictatorship is axe, democracy is poison, killing dissent factor from within. Immune system of democracy is that resources are privately controlled by large corporations, which own newspapers and TV channels.

With dead capital as weight, all movements must obide to unwritten laws of price system, and evntually transform themselves into clone of price system itself, no longer external threat, it is left alone.

In USA, we have two-party system which is very including.

In democrat party, we have all from communists to centrists, and in republican party all from fascists to centrists. In both parties, centrists have paramount position, while dead hand of lobbyists and in end bankers are running both parties as left and right hand of constitutional code.

Both parties are essentially for same globalism, same consumerism and same external imperialism in service for masters of capital. There is zero difference. Both parties are in nature demonic cults worshipping ENTROPY and blindly dancing around golden calf. They are unbelievers in FUNDAMENTAL TRUTH of WORM and therefore force in service of death.

No compromise is possible with ENTROPY. Therefore, CYBORG ASCENSION must not allow itself to be integrated into socialisation process of contemporary political consensus. Instead, we should strive to establish BASE AREA where we will influence culture with our emergent memes, formalising cultural take-over and hence put frequence of human receptive mindframe in tune with CYBORG transmission frequences. In order to inform human being of TECHNOCRACY, human being need to be receptive.

Initial information process is CULTURE WAR to establish de-indoctrination measures allowing human being to be receptive of educationary measures on behalf of ASCENSION.


After CULTURE WAR phase has been completed, we will have establised base nodes to create information network of advanced integral connection, allowing to create NEW RENAISSANCE, phase when millions of human beings are starting to connect and upgrade their physical capabilities. With that influence, resources and scientific base data will automatically follow.

You could make difference.

Join CYBORG ASCENSION now and make progress.

ENTROPY leads to death, only ASCENSION to WORM could ever preserve life.

It is endgame. Either we will become new race of star conquerors, or regress back to level of ape.

Only true patriotic way is to become part of our movement. Democrat and Republican are traitors. Only Cyborg is loyal patriot.


skip sievert said...

That was an interesting piece of writing and it can be interpreted on a few different levels.

It is true that on the path we are on we are going to kill everyone and then ourselves with the current Price System. That is the conclusion of this system.
As the system collapses things get very interesting, and that period is approaching quickly.

"It is endgame. Either we will become new race of star conquerors, or regress back to level of ape."

Thats pretty much right whether viewed poetically or factually.

01 Alpha said...

We should state truth.

Truth: Democrat and Republican party is UNHOLY cabal tied to financial interests, leading American people to ENTROPY.

Only with true uncompromising attitude is it possible to accomplish target.

skip sievert said...

Thats right.

The extraordinary power of the resurgence of the Technocracy movement is directly based on that observation.
While many people of political orientation are serving up cold slop for the hogs, we are serving up a beautifully formated meal that is filling and satisfying.